Our Pillars

  • A blessed soil

    San Alberto’s flavor is intimately linked with San Alberto estate, a blessed soil that provides a very characteristic flavor with unique identity.

  • An indescribable flavor

    A coffee with luscious, sweet aromatic notes, reminiscent of caramel and mellow dark chocolate, notable for its delicate fruit-like acidity and harmonious balance, which yields a distinctive and elegant carácter on the palate.

  • Five step selection process

    Our signature process, the five step selection process guarantees great consistency and unparalleled flavor.

  • The art of assemblage

    After each harvest our master coffee cupper artistically blends the flavors of the varietals cultivated at our estate, creating a whimsical new flavor.

  • An award to a unique flavor

    The most expert palates have awarded San Alberto coffee for its amazing flavor. San Alberto is Colombia’s most award winning coffee.

  • Our history

    Como reconocimiento a nuestra incansable pasión, a nuestra rigurosidad en todos los procesos y a ese privilegio que nos ha brindado la naturaleza, se nos ha reconocido de forma irrestricta por los más selectos baristas de la escena mundial.

    Coffee temples

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